January 31, 2005

Theory #124

Nobody has the whole truth. We are all liars to some degree. It's a matter of whether our inaccurate opinions are truthfully expressed and make some sort of logical sense.

January 23, 2005

Theory #123

Today isn't a holiday. Happy Nothing Day.

January 10, 2005

Theory #122

Hyperactivity is the inability to stay

Comics are funny. George W. Bush, not to be confused with George H.W. Bush, is our current president. I like pie. Engineering is a tough college degree. I need to work on it. Why am I doing this?

on one subject at a time.

January 03, 2005

Theory #121

Ah, New Year's Day...the time of year when we all promise to quit drinking and smoking and eating so much, only to get drunk and fat by St. Patrick's Day.